If we have missed any members, please accept our apologies and don't hesitate to contact us to update our records.


We are saddened to lose fellow Comrades Jackie Bonkowski, George Chyzy and Al Sveinson. 


We mourn the loss of Michael Ostryzniuk, Veteran Bert Osborne, Robert Jacobson, and Shirley Jonasson.


We survived the pandemic only to lose the following members this year Norm Shaw, Harry Lazarenko, Marilyn Schettler, Ken Poleschuk and Philip Bauernhuber.


Our sympathies are extended to the families of these members on their passing, Inge Thorsteinson, Paul Brant, Walter Dejersey, and Ed Traschuk.


During this year, we have lost the following members Olga Blahey, Susan Troschuk, and Lawrie Tomko,.


We mourned the loss this year of Jim Skinner.


During this year we have lost Baldur Stefanson, JT Helfason, and Darrell Zolinski.


This year we have been saddened by the passing of Palmi Sigvaldason, Raymond Johnston, Grant Thorsteinson, Doug Stratton and Joe Stoyanowski.
We continue to mourn Members who pass from this life. In 2015 we said farewell to Georgina Romaniuk and Harold Finnson.

The Arborg Legion regrets the loss this year of a number of our dedicated Members; Harry Poleschuk, Judy Eastman, Mike Ciemny, Jean Ciemny, Nettie Fisher, Peter Maksymchuk, Josephine Stratton, Karl Hauser, and Jean Buchko.

We would like to pass on our condolences to the Woychysyn and Palsson families.
We would like to pass on our condolences to the Einarsson family, Lauga was a life member of the Ladies Auxiliary; also to the Woychuk family, Ed was a long time member of the Arborg Legion. Both of these members passed this year.

We would like to pass our condolences on the the family of Hjalti Palsson a long term member.
We would like to pass our condolences on to the family of Norm Tessier. We will miss Norm he was very involved with many of the Legion's activities.
Memorial Honor Roll  WWI  Arnason Gudmundur Sveinn, Asumdson Gisli, Borgfjord Alexander, Brynjolfson Peter, Fjeldsted Asgeir, Fridrikson Jonas, Hjorleifson Gunnlaugur, Hoffman, Petur, Johannesson Sigurbjorn, Jonsson Gundi Bjarni, Oddson Sveinn Hjaltalin, Palsson Sveinbjorn, Sigurdson Hjalmar Stefanius, Sigurdson Sigursteinn Stefanius, Solvason Sigurdur, Thorbergson Thorbergur Eirikur, Vigfusson Bjarni

Memorial Honor Roll WWII  Benedictson Allan Frederick Irwin, Bishop Emmanuel, Blevins Kenneth, Darcis Frederick L., Erickson Ingvi Jr., Hallgrimson Pete, Haluik Mike, Hibbert Arthur Jr., Isfeld Ivan, Johannson Sigurdur, Johannesson G. Arthur, Koblun Albert, Leochko Mike, Lifman Baldur, Machura Harry, Matynia George, Michalski Boreslav, Oster Frank, Pidborchinski Edmund, Pidborchinski Marion, Renaud Halfdan S.E., Rushowick Peter, Thompson William Archie, Worbenuik Joseph, Zdan Russell, Zelinski Philip.