Arborg & District lost seventeen men in the First World War and twenty-six in the Second World War. As casualties grew, the war was brought home to every family as everyone knew each other in the small community. There was a real outporuing of grief when the sad word of the losses was received and prayers for those carrying on, that they might be spared.

With these feelings, and the war coming to an end, many thought a service organization would benefit the boys when they returned. In early January 1945 a meeting of First World War veterans was h eld in the home of Elli Sigurdson. Attending were Valdi Johannesson, Joe Johannson, Elias Eliasson, John Finnson, Roman Drabik (who was home on leave) and Angus McLeod of Canada Packers (a member of No. 1 Legion in Winnipeg).

On May 17, 1945 Angus McLeod and an initiation team from No. 1 Legion Winnipeg attended the general meeting and the charter was signed by the following members: A.H. Anderson, H.A. Austman, R. Drabik, W.J. Dumsday, I.S. Erickson, K. Finnson, D.J. Jensen, V. Johannesson, S. Jonsson, E. Johnson, F. Nicholson, B.M. Paulson, E. Sigurdson, S. Sigvaldason, K. Zator, F. Boyanowski, T. Drabik. Elections were held and the first executive was Valdi Johannesson, Sr. Pres.; Roman Drabik Vice-Ppres.; Elli Sigurdson, Treas.; Joe Johannson, Sec.

Legion meetings were held in the school. In 1952 a partly finished building was purchased and renovated. With pride and joy the Legion opened its doors on July 4, 1954. In the 1960's plans were being made for a more modern facility. On May 19, 1964 the sod was turned for the new building at it's current site.  It was, for its time, a very unique design by architect Terry Tergesen. The doors opened on January 6, 1965. Official opening was held on October 2, 1965 with Ed Hodgert, Sec. Prov. Command cutting the ribbon.

On October 23, 1970 the legion was able to burn the mortgage. This could only have been done with good management and a dedicated membership.