Our collection of scarves, mitts and toques for the school children went well. A total of 115 sets were collected and were provided to the Arborg EMYS and Collegiate.

Regretfully the Soldiers of Song, The Dumbells will not be performing as we had hoped. We had hoped to partner with another community group or area, however, we were unable to do so.

Our Senior Curling Team came in 2nd in the Provincial Curling Playoffs, were held in Carmen. Congratulations to the rink of Philip Bauernhuber, Bryan Foster, Brian Wallace and Ron Johnston.

Our Christmas party went well this year we had "Johnny Cash" perform and he wowed the crowd. The supper was great as always so a big thank you goes out to alll who brought food.

The Legion is part of a program that is collecting scarves, mitts and toques for school children in our area. If you are in Arborg please look for the drop off boxes and donate a handmade or store bought item. These items will stay in the community and be distributed to the Arborg EMYS, Collegiate, Riverton EMYS and Collegiate.

Also we may be looking at hosting a show about the "Dumbells" a tour group of soldiers in the 1920's that fought during the day and entertained the troups at night. Keep checking back to see the exact date and time. Check them out online also just type in Dumbells.

The Legion hosted the Provincial Curling Playoffs this year. The dates for the playoffs are February 13th to the 17th.  Participating rinks represented: Regular Teams - The Pas, Dauphin, Neepawa, Deloraine, Arborg and Gimli: Senior Teams - Dauphin, Gladstone, Manitou and Arborg.

Arborg Regular Team - Skip Philip Bauernhuber, 3rd Ron Johnston, 2nd Robbie Thorsteinson, Lead Les Gislason

Arborg Senior Team- Skip Donna Gislason, 3rd Bryan Foster, 2nd Brian Wallacd, Lead Steve Toni, 5th Grant Thorsteinson

Congratulations to winners Deloraine who will now travel to Bloomfield, PEI for the Nationals.